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WordPress with Node, React, and GraphQL — Part 1: Introduction

In the following weeks, through a series of articles, I’ll explain how I’m using Node.js and Express on the backend with a GraphQL server hooked up to a MYSQL WordPress database that uses Relay to fetch data and pipe it into React components.

Authenticating a Meteor.js App Using A Chrome Extension

I decided to create a Chrome extension that allows the author of the slide deck to authenticate their credentials with my Meteor application and sync their slide deck to the app.

Hack for Change

To encourage the use of open government data to create useful applications for small businesses, developers around the United States recently came together for a National Day of Civic Hacking. nclud participated by sending Ramsay Lanier and me to the Hack For Change event in Washington, D.C.

Animating SVG: An Exploration

A mini case study about SVG animation methods, their benefits, downsides, and impact on performance.

We’re Hosting Meteor Day

Here at nclud, we’re very passionate about our craft. When it comes to emerging technologies, we do all we can to support them. That's why we volunteered to host the first-ever, worldwide Meteor Day in order to celebrate the first release of Meteor.

Scrolljacking The Less Bad Way

Scrolljacking is generally a bad thing. And, like most bad things on the internet, it hasn't gone away. Here is a "less bad way" to scroll jack to meet a client's needs.