We’re Hosting Meteor Day

Here at nclud, we’re very passionate about our craft. When it comes to emerging technologies, we do all we can to support them. That’s why we volunteered to host the first-ever, worldwide Meteor Day in order to celebrate the first release of Meteor.

What is Meteor? In short, Meteor is an open-source, full-stack web application framework written entirely in Javascript. That’s right, server-side and client-side Javascript. On the server, it runs on top of Node.js. It’s powerful, quick, and very easy to learn. If you aren’t convinced, read this.

Now that you’re sold, here are the details.

On November 6, the international Meteor community is hosting simultaneous meetups in cities all over the world. In Washington D.C., nclud will be the host for this welcome event which is open to anyone who is curious to know more about the Meteor platform. You’ll meet developers and enthusiasts who have built things with Meteor, and you will get a chance to play with the new Meteor examples.

Come join us for Meteor Day—an open house launch event hosted by us and local Meteor developers all over the world. If you’re interested in speaking or sharing your work, you can email me.

Also, there will be free swag. Everyone loves free swag.


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