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What UX Designers Can Learn from People Working in the Restaurant Industry

Eating out is about so much more than the food you are tasting. From the initial greeting, to the lighting in the bathroom and the weight of a spoon – every tactile and visual element contributes to the overall experience. Great design, like a great restaurant, has intention behind every single detail.

User Experience Design + Standup Comedy: Lessons Learned from an Unlikely Pair

Things we're passionate about: understanding and delighting the user, problem solving, determining user needs, and making people laugh. With our resident standup comic, we found that comedy and UX design have a lot more in common than meets the eye.

How We Use A Pre-Discovery Phase To Set Our Projects Up For Success

The phrase “kickoff meeting” makes us cringe — it’s so frequently misconstrued and used to mean ‘the general umbrella term for the first meeting about a project.’ The reality is that a solid, actionable, useful kickoff meeting requires structure, research, and preparedness.