DC Design Week: nclud to host “Breakfast with nclud”

nclud Senior Experience Designer Rebecca Silverstein and Managing Director Alfonso Bravo will be hosting “Breakfast with nclud” at this year’s DC Design Week (DCDW) on September 23rd at 8:00AM. Program Description: Join us for breakfast with nclud to get an inside look at what it’s like to work at this Washington, D.C. – based digital […]

On Effectively Communicating Design — Part II: Great Moments In Human-Centered Design

Our work is only as good as we communicate it to be. To help convey how design, when done well, is sustainable and utilitarian, let's look at some great moments in human-centered design history.

On Effectively Communicating Design — Part I: Using Analogies To Move Through The Product Phases

Our work is only as good as we communicate it to be. By contextualizing our work through analogies and metaphors up-front with stakeholders and larger teams, we can seamlessly level-set expectations, strengthen the phases of our product cycle, and make our design solutions stronger.

Rebranding Wingate Hughes

Wingate Hughes is an established architecture firm that has transformed commercial spaces for companies such as 1776, LivingSocial, and Hot Wheels. We worked with their team to represent the charisma their firm valued.

Building A Galaxy

Here at nclud, we’re not only known for being a first-class design, development, and creative agency, but also for our deep love of all things Star Wars – from posters on the walls to roaming LEGO R2D2s. So when the new Star Wars film was announced, our first thought was: what can we build to share this love with the world?

Behind the Scenes: The Brand Bible

A decision to rebrand is not something a company takes lightly – at nclud, we felt the best way to make this change permanent was to establish a brand bible. We created not only an internal reference for how we would discuss ourselves, but an announcement to the world that we are a provocative creative agency.