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The User Research Behind RAINN’s New Site

We are proud to have worked with RAINN on their new site and encourage everyone to make a difference in the lives of survivors of sexual violence by volunteering, donating, or simply spreading the word about the cause.


nclud Honored Twice in the 20th Annual Webby Awards

We’re honored to be included twice in the 20th Annual Webby Awards. The Webby Awards are the leading international award honoring excellence on the internet. For 20 years the Webbys have been considered the internet's highest honor.


2015: Year in Review

2015 was a significant year for us. Now that the dust has settled, we're taking a moment to reflect on some of the happenings here at nclud.


WordPress with Node, React, and GraphQL — Part 3: The Schema

In this post, I’ll discuss in detail how the GraphQL schema works in conjunction with WordPress. I’ll be using Sequelize to connect to the WordPress database, so we won’t have to write any MYSQL queries.


Marine Corps Marathon Unveils New Website

The Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) and nclud announced the launch of their newly redesigned website. The new site has been completely rebuilt to make it possible for runners to register for the highly sought after race slots, and to more easily locate critical event information.


WordPress with Node, React, and GraphQL — Part 2: The Setup

This article will discuss the basic setup of the project: setting up a Node server with Express, configuring Webpack with a bunch of goodies, and how the GraphQL server works.


WordPress with Node, React, and GraphQL — Part 1: Introduction

In the following weeks, through a series of articles, I’ll explain how I’m using Node.js and Express on the backend with a GraphQL server hooked up to a MYSQL WordPress database that uses Relay to fetch data and pipe it into React components.


Building A Galaxy

Here at nclud, we’re not only known for being a first-class design, development, and creative agency, but also for our deep love of all things Star Wars – from posters on the walls to roaming LEGO R2D2s. So when the new Star Wars film was announced, our first thought was: what can we build to share this love with the world?


Authenticating a Meteor.js App Using A Chrome Extension

I decided to create a Chrome extension that allows the author of the slide deck to authenticate their credentials with my Meteor application and sync their slide deck to the app.


Hack for Change

To encourage the use of open government data to create useful applications for small businesses, developers around the United States recently came together for a National Day of Civic Hacking. nclud participated by sending Ramsay Lanier and me to the Hack For Change event in Washington, D.C.